Our Director


Jay is a 27-year member of the Barbershop Society. He started his barbershop career in Tampa, FL (where he grew up) singing with The Heralds of Harmony. He has sung in a number of quartets, namely Director’s Cut, Baby Blues, Dynamix, Vox IV and Nice ‘N Easy, and has directed barbershop choruses in Missoula, MT, Cleveland, OH, Davenport, IA and is now in his second stint as the interim director of the Pages of Harmony.

Jay is a former BHS Music Judge and long-time faculty member at Harmony University, where he teaches various music theory courses. He also enjoys arranging music for quartets and choruses and often does arrangements for Ear Candy, a young women’s barbershop group at Spokane Falls Community College.

He holds a B.A. in Music Education (U. of South Florida), an M.M. in music theory (U. of Cincinnati) and a Ph.D. also in music theory (Eastman School of Music). He currently is a music instructor at Spokane Falls Community College.